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The thirteenth episode announced that the series had been green-lit for a second season, which premiered in April 2015. As the battle continues, everyone questions the premonition they received, with Lily even questioning Carla if she was behind it, to which she denies. Arcadios and Yukino try to make Hisui leave, but the princess stubbornly refuses, stating that it was her responsibility to see through this mess to its end. Just then, Lucy Heartfilia comes running in with a possible solution. Despite this plan being their best chance of resolving this fiasco, Arcadios states that it is easier said than done.

At the same time, Saitama is convinced that someone is stalking him. The manga has been adapted into an animated television series (i.e. anime), musicals, OVAs, and a video game. Worth noting is that these two parts were written in 1987 and might be a little…challenging to get through for the modern anime fan.

  • Amidst the chaos, Leorio rises from the sewers inside the building and is helped by Hisoka, who also was inside the building to reunite with Kurapika.
  • Takumi compares Kenta to Itsuki at one point, likely due to his relationship with Keisuke.
  • One of the reasons the princess chose them as friends was because the two girls possessed skills that she did not, and so she spent part of her adolescence learning these abilities from them.
  • Hanta attempts to help out, but he is defeated after Nine uses his Bullet Laser Quirk to blast him.

This dream, imaginative anime features a wise old wizard in a fantastical walking castle and a wise old woman who is really an 18-year-old hat-maker transformed by an evil witch. It also has a scarecrow with a turnip head and a deal-making fire demon. Inazuma Eleven is a classic underdog story about an unremarkable school soccer team and its players. Strong, positive characters and messages abound, and you don’t have to be a soccer fanatic to enjoy it, but that will help. In 2003, Spirited Away won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, along with over 40 other international film awards. The stunning animation, gripping story, and beautifully crafted characters combine to make this a classic.

Ep 16 Perfect Game

Later, the regrouped Shinsengumi and Yorozuya begin an attack on the occupied Central Terminal. With the Altana harvested by the wreckage of the Tendoshuu’s ship in danger of detonating, the Yorozuya and their allies fight their enemies while the safety of Edo—and the rest of the world—hangs in the balance. Fulfilling the wishes of their teacher, Shouyou Yoshida’s former students unite and relive their pasts one final time in an attempt to save their futures.

Ep 3 Southwestward

Overall, 9Anime is a great AnimeFlix alternative, but it probably won’t become your main source of anime. The streaming site offers anime in various resolutions, and it works in all web browsers that support HTML 5. Many shows on GoGoAnime are re-recorded in English for a wider audience, making them accessible even to very young anime fans who don’t want to multitask with the action on screen and read subtitles at the same time. Another reason for this ‘bad’ Christian label is because of the struggle with mental health. I have been to plenty of churches where they either just don’t acknowledge it or it’s a sin and we’re terrible people.

She apologises for being angry at him for the year, saying that she didn’t know at the time. Mogi leans over to Takumi’s seat and the two of them kiss for the first time. Early the next morning, Bunta chastises Takumi for damaging the Eight-Six. Takumi realises how much damage he had caused to the car the previous night before he heads off on his tofu deliveries. Later, at work, Itsuki asks Takumi what car he wants to get, with him saying that he doesn’t know, as they’re all too expensive for him at that point.

After work, Itsuki and Takumi talk about the Eight-Six, and Itsuki again suggests that he should turbocharge it. In preparation for when Emperor head to Akina, Iketani asks Takumi if he would represent the SpeedStars, an offer that he accepts. Later, Takumi and Itsuki think back on their summer, with Itsuki calling it an unforgettable summer, due to Takumi’s debut as a racer and his own purchase of a car. The next day, Mako and Sayuki invite the SpeedStars and Takumi to a waterpark.