The Call for Evidence has opened after a successful first meeting of the APPG on Cerebral Palsy

“Children with Cerebral Palsy grow up to be adults with Cerebral Palsy and therefore require lifelong care…Most adults do not have access to multi-disciplinary teams who understand their condition”

That was the stand out message our founder Emma Livingstone gave to the All Party Parliamentary Group and the over 80 people that attended the session last week, supported by the powerful evidence given from both professional and personal perspectives. Thank you to all those in our community who wrote to their MPs, it really did make a difference.

The session was expertly chaired by Paul Maynard MP who himself lives with Cerebral Palsy. He was also open to sharing some of the ways Cerebral Palsy is affecting him as he gets older, acknowledging the need to talk about Cerebral Palsy and how it affects adults.

Thank you to all those who attended, spoke and contributed to the vibrant debate, sharing their experiences on the lively chat that ran throughout the session. All of this will be used and contribute towards evidence for the forthcoming report.

If you were unable to attend the session, you can watch it here.


Share your personal and / or professional experiences as written evidence

The call for evidence for the report that will cover access to health services & barriers to employment for adults with Cerebral Palsy has now opened. Your evidence along with information presented at the two oral sessions will contribute to a final report which will make specific recommendations.

This is an important way for you to be able to share your experience and knowledge. Are you a:

  • Researcher who has been involved in studies about the life experiences of adults living with Cerebral Palsy or looked at service models for the community?
  • Medical professional working in a service that is doing it well or have ideas about how things can be better for adults with Cerebral Palsy?
  • Member of our community living with Cerebral Palsy or support someone who does? Do you have specific examples of when health provision or your access to work has worked well? Can you share experiences that have been disappointing? What would have made it better?

Your insights will help shape recommendations for the future. Please consider making the time to submit your evidence.

Evidence can be written or submitted via video or audio clip. For more information please click here. A more accessible version can be found here. For further support please contact Emma or Miriam at

Deadline for submissions is 30th November.