Complainer to Campaigner; cerebral palsy, passion & tenacity with our founder Emma Livingstone

Our Founder Emma Livingstone was interviewed for the weekly brave, bold, sometimes bloody-minded BRAVE NEW YOU TRIBE “Stories from the Edge” podcast. Listen to the podcast here.

Emma is one of around 130,000 adults living with Cerebral Palsy in this country, making it one of the largest disability groups in the UK. A trained Speech Therapist and married with three children, Emma realised through her own experience that those suffering with CP are abandoned by the authorities once they turn 18. Frustrated for herself and for the others in her community she decided to go from ‘complainer to campaigner’ and founded the charity Adult CP Hub to lobby for those much needed services to be provided as lifelong integrated care for adults with cerebral palsy.

Host Lou Hamilton talks to Emma about her passion for positive change, her tenacity, her ability to own her condition and her drive to create a community that receives more recognition and support.

Own it

Whatever life has dealt you, “Own it” says Emma Livingstone Founder of Adult CP Hub charity. “Life with Cerebral Palsy has its challenges. Let’s be inspirational for what we achieve and not simply because we live with disability.”

She chooses to be in a wheelchair on family days out, she uses her crutches to take the kids to school, she asks for help when she needs it & she makes her environment work for her not against her. When the system doesn’t help her she finds a way to ensure she gets the medical care she needs. And she fights for others to get the same.


Emma’s definition of Courage is:

“Being less afraid than you were before. Asking for help when you need it. And doing it now & not putting it off.”

Listen to the podcast here.