Promoting better medical services for adults with Cerebral Palsy


Adult CP Hub has been established to create a home for adults with Cerebral Palsy and put their needs at the forefront of the minds of the medical and research community.

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Complainer to Campaigner; cerebral palsy, passion & tenacity with our founder Emma Livingstone

Our Founder Emma Livingstone was interviewed for the weekly brave, bold, sometimes bloody-minded BRAVE NEW YOU TRIBE “Stories from the Edge” podcast. Listen to the podcast here.

Diagnosed at 2 with cerebral palsy, Emma was discharged from medical services at 16, being told that she was the best she would ever be. But she found her physical problems increased in adulthood, without any integrated care from the authorities. So she started a charity to help those in the adult CP community who like her, were struggling to get the right kind of help.

Host Lou Hamilton talks to Emma about her passion for positive change, her tenacity, her ability to own her condition and her drive to create a community that receives more recognition and support.

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